The Unending Accusations

If you would gather all the accusation around the world against the Catholic church and its priests then you can be able to find a very long list and thick pages to read. That is because the practices of the church and all its members who lead the church are wide and they could be classified into many aspects. Also, their abuse has been compiled from many years ago until this time. That is why it is written that her sin has risen into heaven.

One of the charges that are common around the world is rape. Many priests have done this act and many were not punished but just give a warning or be transferred to another parish. They then again can make ways to continue their evil deeds and the church has a blind eye to it. There are also the many cases of pedophilia and there are even written records to prove it. They just wear their outer clothing as a priest but the words that come from them is from the beast.

That is why they are also powerful even if their sins and lies and horrible acts are already exposed, many believers just ignore them and continue to be Catholics. That is because they cannot wake up from their sleep and hallucinations. they want to just believe what they know and practice it. they can even defend it and turn a deaf ear to the words of God. There are more of the charges settled and not settled.