Mother Church Doctrines

The mother church has her own doctrines that her children also follow. As she is the mother so all or the pieces of her doctrine was copied or carried by her children. What is written in the bible is all true and it is fulfilled. There is the sure prophecy on the bible about the mother church that reveals its identity that we should know so that we can recognize her. The Catholic church has consolidated its doctrines deriving customs and practices from three different kingdoms.


One of their doctrine that they had copied from the pagan custom is the worship of the sun as their god. The evidence is shown in the pictures of the apostles, mary or Jesus. You can see that there is the ray of the light of the sun that surrounds their head. That did not appear in the earlier pictures but they included it. Even people who claim to have converted to Christianity still practice sun worship.

Another tradition is the worship of Mary with Jesus. Its origin is a pagan tradition but made it a religious culture by the Catholic church.

They also have obtained the philosophy of Greek philosophers so that they could give a meaning to their own doctrine. As their teaching is not based on the bible so they need something to solidify their doctrine. Philosophy was the solution. There are many commandments of God that the mother church and also its children do not follow. One of it is the Sabbath day and the Passover which was established by Christ. We should recognize the wolf in sheep clothing.