Revealing the Crimes of the Catholic Church

This is not something that would destroy the Roman Catholic’s image. These are just facts that were recorded in history. Below are the reasons.

1. Inquisition

The Roman Catholic designed the inquisition to dispose people under their authority into murder. How can they deny this fact? More than 50 million were martyred during their authoritative reign. This Inquisition is not a joke. Really so countless people regard it as the Most Brutal incident in the world.

2. Indulgence

This is used to collect monetary compensation from all people around the world.

They said that the more the coin sounds,  the more the way to the gate of heaven is opened. How could they do this?

3. Teaching false doctrines

As they have already become more and more powerful, they have used their authority for physical pleasure. Where is truth in them?

4. Putting a lot of People to Trial

You know what? The Catholic had gained such power from the 5th century until the end of  the 18th century. Have some tips about how to process your visa easily here 申請台胞證. They have burned people to death.

Whenever authorities handed a person to them,  they charge them as criminals and burn them. For example, Joan of Arc and William. Actually they served as the highest court in politics in those days. The church is not just a religion but head of the state. For these reason, they abused their power.

5. Child Abuse and Rape Cases

How dreadful and terrible these crimes are? They call themselves priest yet their hearts and minds are even lower than that of the animals.

The Roman Catholic does not deserve to be called a religion.