Roman Catholicism of Protestant Churches and Different Denominations

Protestant Churches and different Denominations deny the Catholic church as an authentic church. Why? Because of the Idolatry seen in the Catholic church. However, they too are Roman Catholics. What is the difference between a mother and a child? A mother is just a bigger form of a child, is it not? They are so because they come from the Roman Catholics. The Roman catholic members broke out from their church and established another church which are now called sects and denominations.

What is Catholicism in them? They have the same day of worship, they all celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, Juice and Bakery Bread or the Holy Communion. What are these? Are these found in the Bible? If yes, which verse in the Bible would prove we have to celebrate all of these? In other words,  they do not think of what teachings they are doing for as long as they believe in God. What is the result of all these churches? They are destined to go to a fiery lake of burning sulfur. So you need to examine church history as you travel to places. Check this agency that might help you having your visa view it here 泰雅旅遊. Review their services to make it easy for you.

This is such a pity. Why should they follow the Catholic so that they too will be addressed as Catholics? If they are not, they should have a different teaching from that of the Catholics. No matter what happens, they must be following the teachings of the Bible. The Catholicism of the different denominations and sects are very strong that they never accept what is written in the Bible. When you travel to spread the good news, ask for this agency help 台胞證期限. Truly the Bible is a mysterious book that no one can understand unless God allows us. T