Spiritual Thirst as Explained in the Bible

On this planet earth where billions of human beings dwell and countless living creatures live, the most important thing for survival is water. It is not too much to say that water itself is life. This means that without water, no one will be able to survive. In spiritual terms, this earth where we live is like a desert. In a desert, can you easily find water? Only when you find an oasis in the middle of the desert, you can survive from your thirst.

As you know, the human body consists of 70 percent of water. If the body loses just a 2 percent of that water, we can feel thirst. What if our body loses 5 percent? The result will be undesirable. It is because losing that 5 percent will lead to coma. Then, what about losing 12 percent? It will be the most undesirable thing because it will lead a person to death. So, what is the meaning of spiritual thirst? And when does a person experience and suffer from this thirst? Get your home the best make over from this company. Check and read info about their service here 居家清潔. This is making sure your home get the best cleaning service.

Spiritual thirst means that the human soul suffers from spiritual thirst. And this happens when the soul does not feel the presence of God in the church where he attends to. Though that person hears the words of God from a priest or a pastor, if his soul does not feel refreshed, this means that he is suffering from a spiritual illness known as spiritual thirst. The Bible says that in the last days, many will faint because of spiritual thirst. This is why we need to seek God. What makes your home best is having maids to clean. Check and learn this info from this site 家事服務. This is usually one of the great cleaning company.