What is Christianity?: Biblical and Philosophical Point of View

What is Christianity? Philosophically, Christianity is a religion following the teachings of Christ. Many Christians think that they are Christians yet when they are asked of what Christianity is, they do not answer. Christians should be the people who follow the teachings of Jesus who is called Christ. However, what Jesus’ teachings are they following now? These questions too are difficult for them to answer.

What about the Biblical point of view? Christians are believers of Jesus who came in the human figure.

Yet a lot of people are anti-Christ but they still say that they are Christians.

Maybe people who are holding high positions in their churches cannot leave their church just because of their position. In the case where people could not believe what is written in the Bible, they could not really follow them. A lot of people claim that they are worshiping Jesus. Are they? If it is true, why would they not follow the real teachings of Jesus about the worship day.  You have the best beauty look from this company’s service. Try to click 台中 醫美 for more info. This Asian character link to view more.

It is very irritating to hear leaders of religion saying they do not need to hear the words of the Bible because they already know a lot, when in fact,  they do not know even a little of the truths. In fact,  they are the same with the Roman Catholics that are establishing church for the sake of monetary purposes. How detestable this act would be. They never knew what they have to do in their situation. People are so pitiful because they are just following their leaders.