Protestant Churches and the Bible: Dark Side

Protestant Churches claim that there are lots of fallacies in the Roman Catholic Church so they detest the Catholic Theology.  There is inconsistency of their claim because they too follow the teachings of the Roman Catholics. Theologians and Doctors of the Bible have studied the Bible for years and even in their entire life. However, none of them have told the people that Protestant Churches are the true churches. Each church claims that it is the true church. Which judgement do claimers base their advocacy?

The Catholic books says that Protestant churches are inconsistent with the Bible because they too follow the teachings of the Catholic while saying that they follow the Bible. The Catholic Church admits that they are not teaching the truths in the Bible but they have made up their own rules and regulations which all churches are following. If so, why do the Protestant Churches claim to follow the Bible when their teachings too are from the Catholics? Perhaps there is really inconsistency between the churches and the Bible. This is the nice buffet catering you should seek. Over this Asian link character, click this link 餐飲服務業. This is very nice company to know.

This means people are being confused which way they have to follow while saying that they do not understand the Bible. How many people should have known the truth? Where is the truth? In this case, why would people now argue with each other when there is nothing to argue about? Does this mean the Bible is not being taught in by the Protestant Churches? How do people say about this judgement? Will they believe? For sure, they’ll not. And you know what? They have this amazing tea restaurant they visit, check here 派對點心. Learn more from this site.