The unbiblical practices of the mother of all churches

The great church that has a large control over the people of the world is the roman catholic church. It has its time that has been the greatest ruler of all the people and even the emperor look onto him. She has the absolute power in the religious and the political aspect. It has done whatever it wants and he enjoyed much whatever he likes. That is the time that they also had done many practices that is not in the bible but just to increase their physical wealth.

In the video above you can see the list of the practices of the roman catholic church had done in the time that they were given the authority to do anything that they want. They even sell indulgences and that was the reason that the other people specifically the reformers have made the effort to speak and take action against the church. The power of then of the roman catholic had weakened. There is the time that the pope who is the head of the church was captured and exiled.

But it has gained the time that it recovered and so it was again a big follower. Even if they had studied the wrongness the church had made, they cannot distinguish it. They were blinded and they do not know they should seek the true church that could give them salvation. But they listen continually to their father who makes lies and follows those lies diligently. They just shut their minds and heart.